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Anne M.
Anne M.

Junia is the first online incarnation of an exclusive matchmaking service that I started in 1985. I've been calling myself a “yenta” since the age of 14, when I first introduced my friend Sarah to my friend Michael. While long-term romantic success at a young age is relative, they dated for almost three years – and I knew I was onto something.

For a few years, I actually worked as a matching consultant in a high-end dating agency based in Toronto. While I produced great results for my members, I also learned a lot about the way most such businesses operate – and not all of it was positive. I’m happy I had that opportunity to consider how I could provide the best possible service to clients in the future, when I made my own matchmaking vision a reality.

But I'm not only a pretty good matchmaker; I'm also a freelance writer. I majored in writing and literature at university in New York City - with a concentration in play writing. So I'm especially good at dialogue. Why is this relevant to Junia? Picture online messaging without dialogue. Do you want to see that play? (Imagine The Social Network as a silent film for a moment, if you will.) There is no room for tableaux or mime when communicating online. Silence is not golden on the Internet.

Beyond the obvious Wayne Gretzky "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take" wisdom, a recent study of what compels dating-site users to initiate contact with potential romantic partners found that the single most significant factor was frequency of use. The more you log on, check and respond to messages, the more likely you are to be contacted by someone to whom you have not already reached out, and this is a key measure of online dating success.

The second most important element of profile success is writing ability. The same study found that skilled writers attracted significantly more contacts than did less skilled writers - and I'm pretty skilled. (I also worked in publishing for several years after college, both as writer and editor, in print and online.)

You know where I'm going with this, right? I bring intuition, integrity, passion, and experience to your searches, and my quill skills to penning your profile. It's a combination that scientists - okay, sociologists using scientific methods - have proven will work.

That's what I'm bringing you now. I've helped dozens of couples begin and maintain long-term relationships – including several marriages and a few children. I've also helped countless others gain confidence, make friends more easily, experience love and companionship, and form the alliances that ultimately define a fulfilling life. I look forward to helping you make new connections of your own.

Let me get your profile working for you. And if you're not ready to take the leap just yet, don't be a stranger. Let's stay in touch.


Anne M.

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