Lizard cures loneliness, “Gaggle” girls claim dating’s dead, and who’s still single in Silicon Valley

I'm just using him as a pillow

Parthenowhaa? Apparently some resourceful lizard known as the whiptail has figured out how to have it all – yes, even kids – without having a man in her life. Good news for lonely hearts who find themselves isolated in the Sonoran desert.
(via The Guardian)

In an unsurprisingly antiquated-feeling address to a congress of private girls’ day school operators in the U.K., the snooty Head of said association opined, “It’s not just about finding a husband who does the Hoovering and makes the dinner. It’s about finding one who really understands it is important for you to thrive and do well in whatever you choose to do. They should be cheerleaders and take pride in their wife’s career as they do in their own.” Umm – I know these are girls’ schools and all, but should that not at least be “partner?” Yikes. What year is this again?
(via The Telegraph)

Yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of the striking-down of anti-miscegenation laws in the remaining 17 (all Southern) states that still had them on books, thus preventing inter-racial marriage. Richard and Mildred Loving – the Virginia couple whose illegal 1958 marriage brought the issue (and their case) all the way to the Supreme Court – are paid tender tribute by one-half of one of millions of couples who have benefited from their bravery in Ebony magazine.

Do we live in a post-dating world? According to the authors of the new book The Gaggle, women should all be taking advantage of “the group of men in your life who you may not be dating.” Must be easier than it sounds.
(via The Village Voice)

According to a recent poll, 1 in 4 Canadians has tried online dating. Look to your left – your right – the person ahead of you – down at your shoes. How are we supposed to even tell?
(via The Vancouver Observer)

Geek lovers, take heart – just because Zuck’s off the market doesn’t mean you can’t still get as lucky as Priscilla Chan. The New York Times has thoughtfully provided a round-up of Silicon Valley’s remaining eligible millionaires for your convenience.



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